Irish Luck, Chinese Medicine

Available October 1, 2019

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Irish Luck, Chinese Medicine is about the promise of fortune and the perils of forbidden love. The story begins as Chinese and Irish labors build the transcontinental railroad.  Following construction, an Irish single mother and a Chinese physician meet and become improbable allies. Enduring tragedy, injustice, and the threat of violence from the vigilante group, The Molly Maguires, they grow closer. Surrounded by prejudice, they must decide whether to risk intimacy. Set against the backdrop of the 19th Century Catholic church, this is a novel how love, persistence and entrepreneurship become the gateway for survival.


About the Author


Molly grew up dreaming of becoming anything but a writer, so Irish Luck, Chinese Medicine is a surprise and a career re-invention. She spent many years as business woman, built a company, and to encourage other entrepreneurs, decided to write a book: Job-IQ: How to Find a Job, Create a Career, Build a Business. 

While working on the manuscript, she joined a writer’s group. Everyone else was writing fiction and, as a lark…

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