Irish Luck, Chinese Medicine, A Novel


Irish Luck, Chinese Medicine is about improbable allies: an Irish single mother and a Chinese physician. Set against the backdrop of the Catholic Church in 19th Century America, it’s the story of how entrepreneurship and strength become a gateway for family survival despite injustice, tragedy, and ill-fated love. Follow the journey of a woman finding her strength as she rescues her sons from child labor and saves her family’s inheritance, only to risk everything for the man she loves.


Job-IQ Stories: Find a Job, Create a Career, Build a Business


Written for anyone faced with career decisions (from recent graduates to retirees developing encore careers) the book and companion curriculum, Job-IQ guide readers to create work they love.

Rather than another book that unspools a dry list of dos and dont's, Molly shares pragmatic advice that is part Irish story telling and part clear-eyed business success manual.  She animates her content with tales of her rise from struggling single mom to successful entrepreneur.

If you are 50+ and thinking about career re-invention you may find Career Outside the Box of interest.