Should we wait until we're older?

by Molly Matthews

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The television program Grace and Frankie is about the development stage of seventy-somethings. I just discovered this unique show – great comedy, plus Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin wear gorgeous clothes. 

The character of Grace often laments about how irrelevant she feels.  The actresses, about to turn. 80 are at a career peak and the show contains edgy content about major issues of our time. Anything but irrelevant.

Fonda and Tomlin are also great role models for taking on career challenges and hard work at any age. Society might be telling people 50+ to move over but if you look at how many presidential candidates are running at 70+ it seems age isn’t slowing them down either. 

Acting, building, making, connecting, running, managing, organizing, giving back, leaning in are do-able and vital at any age.